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IT Solutions
for Your Industry


Leverage the power of the latest innovative retail solutions and digitization of payment systems, store connectivity, and products analytics to assist companies in the new and emerging markets.

Banking & Financial Services

In the ever-changing world of Banking and Financial Services, partner with Evunix to stay ahead of the latest technologies and innovations and provide the highest level of customer satisfication


Partner with Evunix to transform and streamline your Manufactuing Process Model and operations to build agility, scalability and cost effectiveness to address the needs for the future growth.

Energy & Utilities

As the dependence grew more and more on the Enery and Utilites, partner with Evunix  so that companies have leverage to invest in the new and innovative ways and together we can change and have a long lasting impact on the lives of consumers.

State and Local Government

Evunix can help State and Local Government in the era of new and upcoming technologies, and guide them to choose the right technology and clear all technological hurdles to pave the clear and concret path for the betterment of the governance.

Software and Tech Platforms

Infuse the power of data analytics and Artificial Intellegence to implement the most efficient and optimium business operating model, to adjust to the growing demands and scale.


It is the most fast-changing industry with new standards and means of communication being developed almost on daily basis, Evunix can play a very important role in introducing new advances in technology, and building tailored strategies to those new advances. 

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