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Why Choose
Evunix ?


We are defined by our people. Their dedication enables us to repeatedly excel in our client’s expectations. We are leading industry experts, and problem solvers, and are sincerely invested in your success. We leverage our industry knowledge and experience to help our clients in achieving their business goals. Whether it is just for an internal project or proof of concepts, or even a full-scale implementation, we have got you covered. 


We will provide you tailored solution that will go far beyond the default functionality and will help you in improving your sales, marketing, and customer service processes, efficiently manage your stocks and inventory, and generate more revenue. Together we can strengthen your business processes, make them more scalable and robust and achieve limitless possibilities.


Our custom-developed programs for ERP and CRM modules are always business process-oriented and user-centric where we target business users to streamline their business process model. We will make extra efforts to make them scalable, efficient, cost-efficient, and always in compliance with the best industry standards. We invest in the power of knowledge. This focus on knowledge combined with the diversity and sought-after skills of our consultants defines who we are as a professional services firm.


Our Data Analytics solutions are one of a kind and our customization and configuration of the Business Warehouse and Intelligence module will help you understand each Business Process data sets in great detail and will also enable you to do efficient forecasting and budgeting. Evunix will bring all heterogeneous datasets and enable reporting and visual tools to enable businesses in understanding Sales Trends, AR Aging, Inventory Transit In-Stock, Profitability Metrics, Income statements, Trended Flux, and other KPI metrics in a form of Reports and Dashboard.


Our consultants have extensive expertise and in-depth knowledge of the industry process that allows them to see the businesses with a technical view and spot the problem areas or the areas that could improve or change. They have tremendous experience of having dealt with varying situations and problems relating to the business and will therefore have a much wider knowledge in the field and are less costly than employing IT Specialists. They also deal with multiple companies with similar issues and will therefore have a way of looking at the problems that will be more beneficial to the company than that of an IT department.

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