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IT Staffing Solutions

Evunix can help companies with workforce solutions and insight by providing experienced and reliable IT consultants and teams that are ready to provide technical expertise in areas of Software Development, Data Analytics, IT solutions, and Business Process management and can be part of and function as your own in-house team.


We can help companies in making strategic tech recruitment decisions and further help companies in reducing overhead costs, operation costs, Licensing Costs, Training and Development Costs, and Fast ramp-up with experienced consultants. We take care of all of your tedious and expensive hiring searches, Onboarding activities, such as background tests, drug screening, and scheduling - plus payroll and benefits.


We specialize in providing direct and temporary staffing services and companies can get access to highly qualified, talented pools of IT consultants. Our scalable staffing solutions are available for small, mid-size, and enterprise-level companies. 

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