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Evunix helps business to align CRM functionality to their current business process to achieve complete and unified view of the customer relationship data without causing any interruptions to the business. Evunix will solve the challenges that business suffer from low sales productivity and deficient alignment between departments and will provides complete insight of the customer data, which will eventually leads to complete customer satisfaction, better customer communications and will further strengthen the relationships with the Customers.

Evunix will cover the entire project scope, including consulting, configuration, customization, migration and integration can help businesses to configure custom pipelines as per their business process and incorporate behind the scenes workflows to automate their complete customer interaction from start to end. Our testing services are aimed at providing you with insights on your CRM functioning and identifying the ways to better your existing solution.

Evunix will enable all capabilities of the CRM-Salesforce platform with fine-tuned modules for sales and marketing automation, account and contact management, lead & opportunity management, performance management, reporting and more. We will also design custom Reports and Dashboard and assist you in doing proper pipeline and forecast management.

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