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Data Analytics

Evunix Consultants have extensive experience in the fields of Data Analytics for analysis and reporting. We can deliver simplified versions of complex needs with tailored business intelligence solutions.

We have experience across business domains such as Sales and Logistics Analytics, Production Planning, Core Financial Analytics, Costing and Profitability Analysis, Inventory Management Analytics, and Human Ressource Analytics. We will provide you with a detailed roadmap that will cover all the steps to reach the desired Business Intelligence Solution efficiently. 

We can provide custom financial analytical reports for Revenue and Expense Management, Profitability Analysis in Costing and Accounting Areas, Accounts Receivable Aging Analytics Reports, Financial Planning and budgeting, Business process Consolidation, Competitive Pricing, and Sales Product Performance Metrics. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise in Business process monitoring and analysis, have helped businesses in the early detection of deviations and undesirable results.

Our consultants can integrate the data from multiple sources and provide in-depth analysis and extracts insights for business operations. We can provide many Dashboards, Self-Service reporting, and Data Visualization tools to assist the business in taking the right decisions.

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